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Brand Partner Highlight: Plus


Photo Credit: Plus Products.

Founded in 2015 in the Bay Area, PLUS edibles are crafted by a Michelin-star chef in a food-grade facility where their products are tested 8x internally for safety and consistency so you can be confident you’re getting the same dose every time. All PLUS gummies are highly concentrated with potent THC input so you can enjoy a cleaner high with less fillers, calories, sugar and carbs than the competition. And by leaning into our body’s natural metabolism of THC, gummies provide a longer lasting effect than other forms of cannabis consumption.

In 3 words, describe your brand.

Constantly improving + innovating

What has been your biggest challenge and how your team has overcome it?

The edibles category has grown exponentially in the past few years and thus, the marketplace has become more competitive and cluttered. Devising creative ways to cut through the noise and reach both our retailers and consumers in a meaningful way is a daily effort.

Any future predictions/trends you foresee in your product category?

I imagine we'll see brands double-down on the minor cannabinoid trend—we've already seen CBN become a staple ingredient in many sleep-focused products. There are dozens of other cannabinoids that we don't know as much about, but show exciting potential to deliver powerful effects. As consumers become increasingly more knowledgable, they're expecting brands to venture beyond THC and CBD to provide effective and unique experiences, so we are making strides to stay ahead of the curve with the help of our R+D team!

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