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Image credit: Slimmies

Slimmies uses only the finest single-strain, indoor cannabis from farms utilizing state-of-the-art sustainability practices such as low energy lighting, near-zero water waste, and off-grid power. They love their weed like they love our planet, and go the extra mile for both.

In 3 words, describe your organization.

Perfectly Portioned Pre-rolls!

What has been your biggest challenge and how your team has overcome it?

The biggest challenge for us has been getting the buyers to trust a new brand in a fairly saturated category. We use high-quality inputs in a unique shape which helps us stand apart from traditional pre-rolls. It usually only takes one session for the buyer to see what we are all about :)

What are some upcoming innovations/projects you are most excited for?

Slimmies Infused! We just launched our strongest pre-roll yet, Slimmies Diamond-Infused. We use all-natural, separated diamonds which not only makes these little guys pack a huge punch, but also helps keep a lot of the natural flavors of the strain.

Any future predictions/trends you foresee in your product category?

We foresee the pre-roll category continuing to grow and take market share from flower. We also believe that smaller-sized pre-rolls in more sessionable doses will become the standard.