Click button. Ship weed.

It's that simple. We warehouse your wholesale products and deliver them within 36 hours.


What can we do for you?


Bi-weekly pickup of  batches from your licensed manufacturing or distribution facilities


Secure and environment-controlled storage at  Nabis distribution facilities  in Oakland and Los Angeles


Quarantine and BCC final compliance testing through a licensed laboratory of your choice


Lightning-fast delivery to licensed retailers within 36 hours of order placement


Collection and management of cash-on-delivery (COD) payments and net term payments

How do we charge?

Logistics & Fulfillment


We follow the industry standard in taking a small percentage of product wholesale value. Our price starts at 12.5% and scales down with higher volume. This price is inclusive of bi-weekly batch pickups, storage, last-mile delivery, and cash collection.



For as low as $1,495 a month, we provide market insight and analytics based on the data we amass through our software, as well as a dedicated consultant who will walk you through the findings. Custom projects are scoped and priced on a case-by-case basis.

Who do we distribute for?