Ship between any two licenses in California

Nabis Freight is a flat-rate shipping service between any licensees in California from $149*. Pricing is based on square footage of your shipment, regardless of your destination.

Simple and affordable.

We pick up and deliver cannabis products between any licensees in California. Standard shipping takes 5 to 14 days. Pay by square footage, starting as low as $149. Perfect for LTL samples, small-medium bulk, and non time-sensitive shipments.

base rate

regardless of destination

$25 / sq ft
1-7 sq ft

Examples: a few samples,
several stackable boxes

7-15 sq ft

Examples: Large product boxes,

a small amount of bulk

15-35 sq ft

Examples: Pallets,
 containers of bulk

How does it work?

Order Submission

Customer submits an order online, indicating shipment details and preferences.


Nabis clarifies needs, confirms availability, and proposes finalized dates/pricing.


Customer confirms proposed shipment plan to finalize the shipment reservation.

Package Pickup

Nabis picks up shipment from origin on agreed upon date.


Nabis delivers to destination on agreed upon date.

COD Collection

Optional cash collection remitted in ACH/Wire at 1.5% fee of cash amount.

Nabis Freight is an open service that is provided to Nabis-distributed brands as well as all of our extended partners. Interested?
If you’re interested in shipping with Nabis Freight, please reach out to or submit your order using the form below.
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