Founded on a simple vision:

To empower the world to discover cannabis by providing choice, access, and innovation.

Seeing an opportunity to disrupt incumbents like RVR, CannaCraft, and Indus, the founders and the team built a low-cost, tech-based solution for cannabis brands. In less than 2 years, they’ve built a network to cover the entire state, have dozens of top level brands, and are one of the fastest growing distributors in California.

— Brandon David, onInvesting in Cannabis
% of retailers in California receiving products from Nabis
# of cannabis brands shipping products with Nabis
# of wholesale orders fulfilled by Nabis, every week

Our founders

Vince and Jun bring years of experience in enterprise software combined with a deep passion and understanding of cannabis. They started out as delivery drivers, moving products to dispensaries to build Nabis from the ground-up

Prior to starting Nabis, Vince began his career as an engineer at Microsoft before founding a software company called Scaphold, which was later acquired by Amazon. Jun started as an engineer at Facebook before founding an artificial intelligence company called Allganize.
Co-Founder at Scaphold (YC W17)
Software Engineer at Microsoft
B.A. from University of Virginia
Jun S. Lee
/ President
Co-Founder at Allganize AI
Software Engineer at Facebook
B.A. from Harvard University

Our leadership team

We believe building a great business starts with the people involved, and prioritize hiring the best talent above all else. We are accepting applications - join our growing team in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland.