Our Mission

Empowering the world to discover cannabis by providing choice, access, and innovation.

Founded in 2018 by Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis has quickly established itself as the leading cannabis wholesale platform in California. Nabis supports the largest portfolio of brands in the world, exclusively supplying over 400 brands to nearly all of California and Nevada's dispensaries.

retailers in California and Nevada receiving products from Nabis
cannabis brands shipping products with Nabis
wholesale orders fulfilled by Nabis every week

Our Founders

Vince and Jun bring years of experience in enterprise software combined with a deep passion and understanding of cannabis. They started out as delivery drivers, moving products to dispensaries to build Nabis from the ground up.

Prior to starting Nabis, Vince began his career as an engineer at Microsoft before founding a software company called Scaphold, which was later acquired by Amazon. Jun started as an engineer at Facebook before founding an artificial intelligence company called Allganize.

Nabis Leadership

Executive team

Vince Ning

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Jun S. Lee

Co-CEO, Co-Founder

Sean Arroyo


Will Brophy

Chief Operating Officer

Tejas Kotecha

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Schwartz

VP of Product

Jake Borenstein

VP of Operations

Ting Hu

VP of Finance

Drew Murphy

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives

Jen Seo

Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Bailey Cooke

Director of Strategic Finance

Leadership team

Michelle Calvi


Dylan Samuel

Director of Account Management

Eric Cather

Senior Accounting Manager

Lis Prado

Senior Operations Manager, Fleet & Facilities

Anthony Nixon

Senior Operations Manager, Supply Chain

Chris Probert

Director of Engineering

Chris Gaw

Director of Payments & Support

Partner Associations

Our Values

Obsess over the customer

Think from the customer’s perspective and work backwards. Build long-term partnerships, even if it means sacrificing short-term gains. Embody high standards and constantly raise the bar. We earn our partners’ trust by doing hard things well.

Have a clear vision

Start with the end goal in mind. Define. Define. Define. Once your vision is clear, the optimal solution will be revealed. By communicating simple clear goals, visionaries become magnetic.

Execute relentlessly

Make big promises and over-deliver. Set the goal and focus on the most important problems, not the most urgent. Be an expert and work with other experts to solve problems with speed, accountability, and commitment. Rapidly learn from your mistakes.

Focus on the bottom line

Achieve more with less. Leaders are rewarded for resourcefulness and innovation. Leverage constraints to find creative and efficient solutions. Scalably and sustainably deliver the best products at the lowest cost.

Have the right attitude

Think like an owner — we do what we say. We are all entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and we respect the intense struggle of the entrepreneurial process. We know that without the entrepreneurs in this industry, we have no business. Win the right way and be competitive, but stay humble.

Lead together

Leaders develop other leaders into smart, humble, hard-working, and collaborative people. Help others understand the "why" behind every decision and value. Be able to teach the subject and have empathy and examples to explain it.

Career opportunities

We're accepting applications – join our growing team in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Oakland.

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Press and media

More Nabis information is available in our Newsroom, including press releases and coverage.

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