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Join our rapidly growing team as we build the foundation for an entirely new industry.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the world to discover cannabis through choice, access, and innovation. Every team member at Nabis is vital to accomplishing that mission, and we can’t wait for you to join us.

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Our Values

We’re building an inclusive cannabis space, where all brands have equal access to opportunity. We strive to live by these same values inside the Nabis workplace.

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Our team of over 220 employees is growing faster than ever, and we’re looking for someone who is as enthusiastic about building an entirely new supply chain in the cannabis industry as we are.

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Nabis Core Values

Obsess over the Customer

Think from the customer’s perspective and work backwards. Build long-term partnerships, even if it means sacrificing short-term gains. Embody high standards and constantly raise the bar. We earn our partners’ trust by doing hard things well.

Have a Clear Vision

Start with the end goal in mind. Define. Define. Define. Once your vision is clear, the optimal solution will be revealed. By communicating simple clear goals, visionaries become magnetic.

Execute Relentlessly

Make big promises and over-deliver. Set the goal and focus on the most important problems, not the most urgent. Be an expert and work with other experts to solve problems with speed, accountability, and commitment. Rapidly learn from your mistakes.

Focus on the Bottom Line

Achieve more with less. Leaders are rewarded for resourcefulness and innovation. Leverage constraints to find creative and efficient solutions. Scalably and sustainably deliver the best products at the lowest cost.

Have the Right Attitude

Think like an owner - we do what we say. We are all entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and we respect the intense struggle of the entrepreneurial process. We know that without the entrepreneurs in this industry, we have no business. Win the right way and be competitive, but stay humble.

Lead Together

Leaders develop other leaders into smart, humble, hard-working, and collaborative people. Help others understand the “why” behind every decision and value. Be able to teach the subject and have empathy and examples to explain it.

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