Cannabis wholesale
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Nabis is a fully-licensed cannabis wholesale platform with the largest portfolio of cannabis brands in the world, supplying 100% of California’s dispensaries and delivery services.

Instant State-wide Reach

Nabis operates over 85 vehicles and 71,000 square foot of warehouse space, empowering suppliers to reach 100% of retailers across CA in lightning speed.

Analytical Insights

Nabis Analytics provides real-time visibility into key sales, operational, and financial metrics. Custom reporting and dashboards tailored to brand specifications are available for development based on individual requirements.

Scalable Software

Nabis offers a streamlined End-to-End platform that scales the industry with top-notch customer service. Our proprietary software makes it easy to compliantly schedule, modify, and track orders while managing inventory and finances.

"From the moment we onboarded with Nabis, there has been a distinct level of integrity with their team that we haven’t experienced with any other distributor."

Joshua Keats
Co-CEO, Henry's

"The processes and platform that Nabis have created make getting our product from harvest to shelf seamless. This in turn enables us to scale in a way that we never could before."

Vinayak Shastry
CEO, Ember Valley

"When you can say that you’re partnered with Nabis, people take you seriously. That helped big companies that we wanted to get shelf placement with know that we were in business, and that we’re here to stay."

Tanitsha Price
Director of Sales, Cannabis on Fire


We Distribute the Most Brands

Distributing over 100 brands across California, our #1 brand portfolio consists of the most diverse and the largest assortment of products.

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Our distribution portal makes it easy to schedule, modify, and track orders while also managing real-time inventory by Batch and SKU across facilities.

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The Nabis Marketplace is an entirely free platform that allows Retailers to instantly purchase hundreds of products from top tier brands.

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Simplified financing solution for cannabis brands in a space where traditional banking is not available.

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A flat-rate shipping service where Nabis will pick-up and deliver cannabis products between any two licensees in California

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