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Sell your Net-terms invoices for instant cash

Invoice factoring in a user-friendly interface, directly integrated into the Nabis wholesale portal. Never wait for payments before starting your next batch of production.

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Short-term Financing

Nabis Capital provides short-term financing solutions for brands to smooth the volatile cash cycles created by selling to retailers on net terms.

Peace of Mind

Banking is a systemic issue in cannabis. Most brands can't wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for payment from a retailer.

Invoice Factoring

Sell accounts receivable for a small fee. Nabis Capital converts cannabis brand invoices into instant operating cash.

How it works

Click Button. Get Cash.


Nabis delivers your order to a retailer on credit terms. Request invoice factoring with the click of a button.


Nabis advances you 100% of the invoice Net GMV, less distribution and factoring fees, on a non-recourse basis.


Nabis is responsible for collecting the payment from the dispensary when due. The risk of collection and default is borne by Nabis.

User experience

Easy-to-use interface,
with rich data

Actionable Information

Retailer credit ratings calculated from proprietary scoring algorithms

Part of an all-in-one platform

Fully equipped and
at your service

30 dedicated finance & accounting team members

The Nabis Capital team is available to assist with any questions and approval processes.

Cannabis-friendly banking infrastructure

The Nabis platform supports cash, check, wire, and ACH payments.

65 vehicles and drivers

Fulfillment, delivery and payment collection are handled in-house.
retailers in California working with Nabis
average factoring request approval rate

Average factoring rates and advances

Factoring Rate
Advance Rate
General Business
1.2% – 4.5%
70% – 85%
1.2% – 5%
90% – 96%
2.5% – 4%
60% – 80%
2.5% – 3.5%
70% – 80%
3% – 15%
70% – 80%

Example Nabis factoring rates

Retailer credit rating
Factor fee

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between factoring and taking title?

Factoring means that we will purchase your outstanding sales invoice with a retailer after the sale and delivery has been made. Taking title means that Nabis will purchase your inventory itself, and subsequently sell it to the retailer.

How many retailers can Nabis Capital factor?

Nabis Capital can provide factoring of ~75% of the retailers in California. The Nabis Credit Tier indicates which retailer invoices may be approved, with retailers rated "Excellent," "Good" and "Fair" generally being approvable. Retailers with "Weak" and "Poor" credit ratings are not generally factorable or would require a higher factoring fee in order to be approved.

What is the Nabis Credit Tier?

Eligibility for factorable retailers is based on Nabis' proprietary credit model, which incorporates data points from every single transaction with a retailer. We evaluate retailers' payment behavior, among other factors uniquely available to Nabis Capital, to assign retailers to Credit Tiers. Those Credit Tiers may be viewed by all brands in the Accounts tab and in new orders, as well as the Capital tab for brands with active factoring agreements.

How is the factor rate calculated?

Nabis Capital offers factor rates based on a retailer's creditworthiness and length of financing. Rates may be as low as 1.50% on excellent credit retailers with a short net term, and higher for longer-term invoices and/or invoices sold to retailers with a lower Nabis credit rating.

What does non-recourse factoring mean?

Non-recourse factoring means that after Nabis Capital takes assignment of your receivable, there is no direct recourse to the brand. Limited, defined instances such as disputed invoices or retailer default may require repurchase of the receivable by the brand.

How is a term loan different from factoring?

A term loan is a lump sum of cash given to you with business assets typically providing collateral security to lenders. Factoring is upfront cash to purchase the accounts receivable off your Balance Sheet on an invoice-by-invoice basis.