Nabis Capital

Sell your Net-terms invoices for cash

Nabis Capital provides an invoice factoring in a user-friendly interface, directly integrated into Nabis distribution portal. Invoice factoring is the process of selling your accounts receivable at a small discount, to create cash flow. Never wait for payments before starting your next batch of production.


Nabis delivers your order to a retailer on credit terms (e.g. Net 30).


Immediately after the successful delivery of your order, Nabis advances you the 70% of the invoice amount less distribution and factoring fees, on a non-recourse basis.


Nabis is responsible for collecting the payment from the dispensary 30 days later. The risk of collection and default is borne by Nabis.

instant approval on credit limits for suppliers


retailers in California already working with Nabis


starting 30-day factor rate


Implementation fee for underwriting and diligence


liability for suppliers

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