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Nabis is the leading distributor of cannabis products, servicing over 400 brands to more than 1,400 retailers in California and Nevada. Our open platform equips brands of all sizes with full control to ship wholesale orders with the click of a button.

How it works

Focus on building your brand. We'll handle the rest.


Our in-house team of developers have created a robust and modern cannabis software platform catered to brands and retail partners.


Brands maintain complete control and influence over every step of the distribution process, from product pickup to collections and everything in between.

Customer Service

Our dedicated Customer Experience team provides a world-class customer experience. We are constantly optimizing to lower resolution time and minimize rejections.


Nabis has completed 70,000+ unique cannabis transactions over the past four years. We use this data to provide partners with insight into the most relevant information to scale and optimize.


All of your fulfillment needs covered.


Secure and environment-controlled storage at five Nabis distribution facilities across the state of California and Nevada.

Batch Pickup

Bi-weekly pickup of batches from your licensed manufacturing or distribution facilities.


Scheduling and supervision of final compliance testing lab of your choice.

2-Day Shipping

Orders are delivered within 36 hours.

Cash Collection & AR

Collection and management of cash-on-delivery (COD) and net-terms payments with timely remittance.

Nabis Supercenter

Our world-class facility with over 87,000 sq ft of storage capacity is sufficient to house all of your warehousing needs.
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Nabis Portal

Run distribution at your fingertips.


Create and track deliveries with near real-time accuracy.


Simplify compliance by uploading licensing and COA.


Manage inventory by batch and SKU across facilities.


Utilize the CRM tool to target and manage account acquisition.

Credit Ratings

Credit score rating from 70,000+ unique transactions.

Nabis Analytics

Turbocharge your sales and productivity.

Nabis Analytics offers detailed, real-time insights into sales and key performance metrics for brands.

  • Create and track deliveries with near real-time accuracy.

    Understand best-selling products.
  • Overall performance monitoring.

    Track regional sales over time.
  • Real-time retail purchasing behavior.

    Focus time on the most important accounts.

Join over 400 brands using Nabis for their cannabis wholesale solution.

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Nabis Capital

Sell your net-terms invoices for instant cash. Learn more about Nabis Capital.

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Retailer Offerings

Learn more about our services for retailers, starting with the Nabis Marketplace.

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