Reliving The 4.20 Highs: The Big Holiday Recap

In order to ensure that everyone celebrates with fresh cannabis during 4.20, ramping up from all sides of the supply chain is required. This means that brands and retailers are working even more cohesively together to ensure that shelves are stocked for one of the busiest days of the year and our operations is fulfilling more orders and deliveries than ever.

While it's hard work to prepare for this holiday, the collective efforts from brands, retailers, and our team are deeply rewarding. Here are some of our milestones from our best 4.20 season yet.

Sponsored Events At A Glance

Let There Be Light by Sundae School

Sundae School's first solo runway show took place on 4.20 and featured one-of-a-kind, high-ly inspired ensembles designed with Jonathan Lee. As a craft cannabis brand and smokewear label born in Seoul (and raised in California), Sundae School's mission is to globalize by serving great, reliable highs and illustrating narratives that contextualize and de-stigmatize the plant.

Photo Credit: Jason Crowley/ and Vogue
Photo credit: Jason Crowley/ and Vogue
Photo Credit: Jason Crowley/ and Vogue
Photo Credit: Jaesa Acton

Happy Munkey 'Choose Happy' Symposium

The Choose Happy Symposium, produced by Happy Munkey is the first of its kind in collaboration with Community Board 9 aimed at exploring the opportunities and health benefits now available in the emerging New York cannabis market.