Case Study: Boosted Brand Awareness And Optimized Ordering Through Nabis Marketplace

Discover how the Nabis Marketplace is supporting both sides of the supply chain by amplifying the purchasing experiences of retailers and bridging the gap between buyers and brands to help create dialogue through a single, digital platform.

Marketplace At-a-Glance

Marketplace is free for retailers to join and grants them the ability to order and bundle from the largest and most diverse assortment of California-based brands available. For brands, being available to purchase on the Marketplace allows them to expand their reach and be seen by more customers, helping them to build brand recognition.

Nabis Marketplace Metrics

Amplifying Brand Awareness Through Marketplace Programs

Marketplace offers a compelling digital showroom that showcases 8,000+ unique SKUs spanning a variety of categories. Brands can display their product assortment in a visually engaging and user-friendly manner, which enhances the retailer shopping experience and drives more sales. 

Nabis Marketplace Metrics

Every month, the Marketplace homepage becomes a digital, curated showcase that usually centers around a relevant holiday, National Awareness Month, or various, trending product categories. These monthly Marketplace programs offer a number of cannabis marketing opportunities such as banner ads, featured product carousel takeovers, email blasts, and product ads that brand partners can engage in in order to amplify their own brand awareness on the platform.

Nabis Marketplace Metrics

A Comprehensive Tool For Brands and Retailers Alike

Marketplace grants retailers the convenience of placing orders, managing AR, and tracking inbound shipments in a centralized place. This can help to reduce costs, save time, and increase profitability making the retail experience smoother and more efficient.

Brands can also reduce their costs by opting into offering lower minimums on the Marketplace. This allows brands to service existing accounts with smaller order sizes and can attract new customers by having a lower barrier to entry to ordering from their product line.

“As a three-person team intently focused on growing our business and building our brand, Nabis Marketplace has really helped us in the day-to-day management of our accounts. When accounts have smaller order sizes, having them order through Marketplace has allowed us to better serve them—it helps us facilitate the orders, save time, and provides cost-saving benefits.” Ryan Eidson, VP of Sales at WUNDER
“The Nabis Marketplace has allowed us to take better care of our customers. As a brand, our primary goal is to offer the best customer experience to our accounts and Marketplace has been an integral tool in helping us achieve that. It's easy for our accounts to navigate to Marketplace, access our promotions, place their orders, and receive what they need quickly and efficiently. We love to follow-up with them in-person to further share other ways how the platform can benefit them, too.” Jon Schaffer, COO at Emerald Sky
One of the key advantages of Marketplace is the streamlined communication it provides with our retailers. With Marketplace, our accounts can quickly and easily place their orders when they need them. This has made their ordering process a breeze and has helped us up-level our customer service.” Nathan Kalish, Inside Sales Specialist at PAX
“As a buyer of 10 years, I was impressed by the efficiency of being able to order quickly on the Nabis Marketplace, take advantage of the low minimums, and gain exposure to a variety of new brands. On average, Marketplace saves us about 5 hours in administrative work per week due to its streamlined invoices and manifests. The efficiency and expediency of the process were major priorities for me, especially when ordering for multiple stores with diverse menus and inventory systems. With Marketplace, we were able to order efficiently without overspending.” Michelle Mendoza, VP of Innovation at Sweet Flower
It's a big job to order for 6 stores as a 2-person purchasing team, so we needed to find a way we could streamline communications with all of our brands and simplify our ordering process. We couldn't hire additional personnel, so Marketplace quickly became our preferred solution to simplify purchasing and allowed us to streamline our operations more efficiently. What's more, we can build out our orders in one fell swoop and schedule our deliveries across stores at the same time. Marketplace has been a huge time-saving asset to our business and we couldn't be a lean team without it.” Sean Shepherd, Director of Purchasing & Promotion at The Artist Tree
“The Nabis Marketplace makes my day-to-day ordering much quicker and easier. I can bundle different brands together in a single shipment, customize delivery dates and load times to fit our store's schedule, and the real-time tracking system allows me to monitor my orders and find invoices and manifests super easily. The Marketplace saves me time and effort spent on admin work and whenever I've needed help, the Nabis Support Team has responded promptly and efficiently, finding solutions without hassle.” Griffin Manilla, Allocator at Solful

If you're a retailer looking to take your shop to the next level or a cannabis brand looking to connect with more customers, the Nabis Marketplace is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how you can sign up for a free account as a retailer or get started with us as a brand partner.