CCIA Board Welcomes New Leaders: Eddie Franco, Nabis Director of Policy, Appointed to Vice President

We're proud to share that the California Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA) has officially announced the election of Eddie Franco, Nabis Director of Policy, as its newly appointed Vice President. Eddie, a seasoned professional with over five years of experience in legislative analysis, political organization, and campaign management, brings a wealth of knowledge, passion for California's growing world of cannabis regulation and policy, and vision to this role.

Eddie's journey with the CCIA began several years ago as the organization’s Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Manager, helping shape the direction of the association’s policy efforts. Eddie maintains an unwavering commitment to this industry and association, and he looks forward to serving alongside an incredible group of leaders.

"As this year’s Vice-President of the CCIA, I look forward to working with my fellow board members and the 300+ members of the association, to ensure the unified voice of California’s licensed cannabis businesses is heard in the Capitol and beyond." Eddie shares. "I’m really honored to have earned the trust of our members to help lead the association and I believe it is my duty to ensure their perspectives are brought to the forefront when considering potential laws and regulations."

Eddie has expressed his excitement in using his experiences within his current role at Nabis to contribute to conversations in Sacramento around issues like tax reform, enforcement, financial stability, and social equity, therefore elevating the needs of California’s cannabis industry. He's also eager to re-ignite the in-person networking and educational events that the CCIA has been historically known for. To learn more about future 2023 CCIA events, please visit here.

"Outside of being the leading voice for policy change in Sacramento, the CCIA is one of the best places operators can network with one another and build business connections."

When asked how his role as Nabis Director of Policy might inform his future endeavors as Vice President, Eddie brings it back to Nabis' current market share and how that might help lead conversations around comprehensive, statewide reform and serve as a representative for the industry broadly. Distributors play a crucial part of California’s supply chain, with issues affecting our sector potentially reverberating across the entire industry.

"As the leading wholesale platform in the state, it's imperative that Nabis carry forward the issues facing licensed distributors and make clear the importance of this sector of the supply chain."

With the election of Eddie Franco, Pamela Epstein, Caren Woodson, Autumn Shelton, and their fellow CCIA Board of Directors, it's safe to say that this marks a new era of leadership and innovation for the association—we look forward to their exciting opportunities and successes that lie ahead.