From High Dreams To High-Minded Goodies: How Sundae School Is Blasting Off Into The Flowerverse

It all started when Dae Won Lim had an illuminating, high dream after a few pulls from a smuggled vape pen in his childhood room in Gangnam, Korea—he wanted to start an artistic yet functional smokewear clothing line that aligned with a mission to globalize and destigmatize the plant. SUNDAE SCHOOL was quickly born and with just a few apparel and accessories pieces newly launched during 2017, it was then pontificated between Dae and his future Head of Cannabis, Jennifer Tran, that SUNDAE SCHOOL was destined to include a cannabis line. 

Today, SUNDAE SCHOOL is a brand that represents fellow product-oriented, mission-driven creatives and midnight tokers. As a team comprised entirely of immigrants, LGBTQIA+, and people of color, they remain steadfastly committed to building an industry and community that reflects everyone, not just a lucky few. Together, SUNDAE SCHOOL is committed to creating high-quality goods for high-minded folks, whether it’s fresh flowers, chewy mochi gummies, or cozy uniforms for recreational consumption.

Reliable, High Values In Action

With a firm belief that the plant has a unique way of bringing people together, JTran and her team create products designed to connect individuals who might have never crossed paths otherwise. SUNDAE SCHOOL also has a commitment to diversity and when it comes to its products, they make it a priority to collaborate with minority-owned businesses who share their ideals and values. Working with people and brands that reflect SUNDAE SCHOOL’s vision allows them to create a positive impact in the cannabis industry and beyond.

JTran adds that they are a small but mighty team of HIGH-ly creative individuals from diverse backgrounds. “While it may be easy to label us as fulfilling ‘diversity checkboxes’, what truly matters to us is that each team member is authentic and true to themselves. Our work is a reflection of our genuine passion and that authenticity shines through in everything we create.”

Beloved Products, Beloved Community

A cherished SUNDAE memory for JTran is the team's frequent taste-testing sessions for research and development. “These gatherings are always filled with laughter, silliness, and wholesomeness.” she beams. One of their top sellers, the Kira Kira diamond-infused pre-rolls, have become a fan favorite across California. These pre-rolls not only taste great but also provide a smooth and satisfying experience. “We pour our heart and soul into every aspect of our products and it's rewarding to see our customers enjoy them as much as we do.”

Interacting with their customers in-person is also something the SUNDAE SCHOOL team deeply enjoys. Whether it’s through pop-up events, fashion shows, or flash sales, meeting fans face-to-face is an incredibly fulfilling experience. JTran shares how cherished these interactions truly are and how they plan to continue connecting with the SUNDAE community in 2023 and beyond.

Inspiration Strikes And What’s To Come

“Inspiration strikes us during the most unexpected of moments.” JTran explains when asked how she gets inspired. Currently, she feels really inspired by the SUNDAE SCHOOL online community, lovingly referred to as Honor Rollers. “Their support and enthusiasm motivate us to keep pushing boundaries with our products…random walks around H-mart also help spark creativity and joy.”

During this second half of 2023, the SUNDAE SCHOOL team has exciting plans in store which they’ll slowly start to announce and roll out over on Instagram. As for big dream collaborations, joining forces with their favorite Asian candy company, HI CHEW would be a top moment.