Introducing The Nabis Supercenter: The Future Of Cannabis Distribution

Nabis, California’s leading wholesale cannabis platform, has officially opened the Nabis Supercenter, the largest dedicated cannabis distribution facility in the world. The Supercenter, located in Tulare County, California, boasts an impressive 87,000 square feet of space and is designed to facilitate 40% of the California market.

The Supercenter’s grand opening is a historic milestone for Nabis—from its humble distribution beginnings in a 500 square foot room and hiring friends and family to fulfill orders, to its largest operational facility yet. This feat could not have been made possible without the collective efforts of every Nabis team member and ongoing support from its brand and retail partners.

“As Nabis continues to expand across California, we are excited to open the doors on the single largest facility dedicated for cannabis distribution to serve our many partners across the Golden State,” said Vince Ning, Co-Founder and CEO of Nabis. “From this strategic location, we are ideally positioned to scale across California and even potentially neighboring states as interstate commerce permits, from a cost-effective location, and in a dynamic, thriving jurisdiction that welcomes us as a business and community partner.”

Jun Lee, speaking
Vincent Ning, speaking
Nabis Supercenter Grand Opening ribbon cutting
Nabis Grand Opening happy hour
Nabis Grand Opening happy hour
Nabis Grand Opening happy hour
Nabis Supercenter Happy Hour

Introducing The Nabis Supercenter

Situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, this new monumental structure strengthens the company’s logistical foundation, increases accessibility of its services to manufacturers and retailers across the state, and further supports the local economy. Since January, Nabis has brought on over 60 employees—roughly half of the estimated workforce required to handle the influx of fast-moving inventory.

With more than two-and-a-half years of planning behind the complex, Nabis began construction at the end of 2021, overcoming a number of challenges including a distressed California cannabis market and extreme weather conditions, to begin preliminary operations in January of this year.

“This capital construction investment not only allows us to more effectively support our brand partners and the cannabis supply chain with robust capacity, but in many ways, it also represents the next phase of strategic growth for Nabis,” said Will Brophy, the company’s Head of Operations. “As the cannabis market in California continues to mature, this facility bolsters our reach across the state and creates a powerful foundation toward supporting an interstate commerce future.”

Nabis Supercenter
Nabis Supercenter
Nabis Supercenter

Innovation in Cannabis Distribution

The Nabis Supercenter is more than just a distribution facility - it's an innovation hub for the cannabis industry. During construction, Nabis invested heavily in areas of technology and sustainability in order to streamline the distribution process for its partners and reduce its carbon footprint. The Supercenter features a range of eco-friendly measures, including motion sensor lights that aid in reducing power usage and insulated foam that keep products more self-stable and maintain ideal temperatures for storage. The facility has also invested heavily in powering the building with robust amps in order to support the use of electric forklifts and, soon, electric vehicles.

Servicing The California Market And Beyond

This facility is the first, and largest, of four buildings on the property, which will total 350,000-square-feet once completely operational in order to power the entire California market and beyond. In addition to its state-of-the-art technology and commitment to sustainability, the Supercenter is also providing a significant boost to the local economy. The Supercenter is expected to bring 100-150 new jobs to Tulare County by year-end, with goals of having hundreds of jobs available as plans to expand come to fruition.

The Nabis Supercenter is an impressive feat of engineering and logistics, and it sets a new standard for cannabis distribution facilities worldwide. With the most advanced building specifications and a commitment to its local community, the Supercenter is poised to revolutionize the way the cannabis industry thinks about distribution.