Meadowlands 2023 Recap

Stationed in the heart of the Mendocino redwoods, Meadowlands is always set to be a game-changing experience. Hosted by Meadow, an all-in-one software solution for modern dispensaries, this three-day industry retreat is not just an event—it's a resounding call to action for operators. This year was no different, with Meadows organizing a specially-curated series of essential conversations with an inspiring line-up of speakers, educators, and thought leaders. They crafted an impactful slate of panels, workshops, and fireside chats drawing from a diverse community of seasoned experts, industry veterans, and forward-thinkers. When you attend Meadowlands, you're not merely a spectator; you're an architect of the collective cannabis future.

Meadowlands 2023
Meadowlands 2023

From Seed to Sale: Navigating the Cannabis Supply Chain

This panel brought together operators from across California's cannabis supply chain to discuss fostering collaboration, navigating evolving regulations, trends and predictions, and adapting to changing customer preferences and demographics. Together, the panelists explored the dynamics of California's unique supply chain, with insights on supporting craft cannabis, implementing sustainable practices, navigating price volatility, and envisioning a socially and environmentally responsible cannabis market. Through diverse perspectives, the panel identified strategies for maintaining a resilient, transparent, and collaborative supply chain.


Ian Habenicht---Vice President of Finance of Cookies California, Co-Founder of One Log House

Jayne Fiscus---Director of Consumable Operations of PAX

Jun S. Lee---Founder & CEO of Nabis

Micah Anderson---Founder & CEO of LEEF Holdings Inc., Co-Founder of AYA Biosciences

Scott Vasterling---Founder of Humboldt Family Farms, Co-Founder of HumCann LLC

Meadowlands 2023

Policy Roundtable: Preparing for Descheduling

This conversation explored challenges and strategies necessary to prepare California for the rescheduling or descheduling of cannabis at the federal level. Discussed by a panel of industry professionals, policymakers, and experts, they dove into the complexities of the cannabis scheduling landscape, the implications of federally legal cannabis, and strategies to ensure a successful transition.


Gavin Kogan---General Counsel & Board Member of CCMA

Genine Coleman---Founder and Executive Director of Origins Council

Hirsh Jain---Founder of Ananda Strategy, Vice Chair of California Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

Jerred Kiloh---Owner of the Higher Path, President UCBA Trade Association

Lauren Avenius---CEO of NodeLabs Inc., CDA Board of Directors

Nara Dahlbacka---Managing Partner of Milo Group, Board Member of the LCCA, Cannabis Industry Appointee Lake County Cannabis Ordinance Task Force

Edward Franco---Director of Government Relations at NABIS, Vice-President of CCIA, Board Member of CDA

Meadowlands 2023

Exhibiting Nabis Brands

A diverse and innovative collection of brands also exhibited at Meadowlands, captivating attendees and exemplifying the dynamism of our industry. Several of our own esteemed brand partners showcased their unique offerings and cutting-edge products, leaving an indelible mark on the event.

Sanctuary Farms

As this retreat came to a conclusion, the palpable, positive energy aimed to remind us that we're collectively charting a course that is both exciting and full of promise. A special thank you goes out to Meadowlands for inviting our team to attend and we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking developments it will inspire in the months to come.