Meet Nabis’ CRM—The Better Way To Target Your Accounts And Measure Results

As California’s largest cannabis wholesale platform, Nabis’ access to a multitude of retailers and brands’ wholesale data is unmatched. Every month, Nabis transports an average of 10,000 orders across the state—all the while, our technology is measuring a number of metrics across every single transaction in order to provide our brands with pertinent information on what products are best to sell and who best to sell them to.

The Nabis CRM Tool is a powerful aspect of our platform that allows brands to track all retailer activity in one central place, providing valuable insights aggregated across 8,000+ unique SKUs and 100% of our retail partners’ data. Our CRM Tool not only helps brands stay organized and informed, but it also provides areas for retail account customization that offer a more personalized shopping experience.

How The Nabis CRM Tool Works

The Nabis CRM Tool is integrated within a brand’s software portal, within their ‘Accounts’ tab. This tool aggregates a number of data points for every retailer in California, everywhere from order size (sales and unit volume) as well as their payment tracking we’ve based off of previous collections.

Nabis CRM Tool

Our CRM Tool helps brands keep track of the current state of each of their own accounts in several important areas, such as last order details, lifetime order value, payment tracking, number of pending orders, and retailer groups, amongst others. When a brand clicks into a specific account, any user can customize and populate granular account data such as tags, descriptions, activities, contact information, and retailer settings such as promotions, payment terms, and minimum order balances.

Nabis CRM Tool

If you’d like to filter out and export any of this information based on a specific retailer group, designated sales representative, or order status, you may export these reports via CSV and upload into any third-party platform you’d like.

Retailer Customization Is Key

Customization also extends to the Nabis Tracker and Nabis Marketplace, our wholesale delivery tracking and AR management system and e-commerce platform for retailers. On Tracker, retailers can easily place re-orders of their favorite products with one-click and review their most ordered brands.

On the Marketplace homepage, retailers can navigate towards the bottom of their screen to view a few AI-generated product carousels customized just for them, such as ‘Based on Purchase History’ and ‘Popular Near You’. These carousels organically pull in products from our portfolio of 8000+ unique SKUs based on what’s trending with other shops nearby and what’s similar to what has been previously ordered.

AI-generated carousels on Nabis Marketplace

Beyond the homepage, retailers can search for a wide range of SKUs that fall into specific, custom categories of product tags that are important to them and help create a diverse product assortment. These product tags range from effect-based, price-point, and even packaging type, all the way to social tags like family-owned and heritage and legacy-owned.

Product tags

When shopping on a brand’s Marketplace page, toggling by List View is also a game-changing feature that gives retailers the ability to browse categories or product catalogs in a table format. View all of a product’s metadata – from cannabinoids, strains, to expiration dates — in a fully customizable table.

Nabis Marketplace List View

We recognize the importance of making custom account pricing available in all areas of our software ecosystem, which is why it isn’t any different on the Marketplace. When retailers are added to specific Retail Groups from a brand’s software portal, their preferred pricing and discounts are automatically applied at checkout. This helps provide a seamless transaction experience for retail accounts and brands can review the live orders in their portal.

Easy-To-Manage CRM In One Platform 

Nabis’ CRM Tool offers a comprehensive solution for brands to manage their retail accounts and sales data in one central location. By providing valuable insights, platform-specific data points, and allowing for the integration of custom account pricing throughout the entire software ecosystem, our CRM helps streamline transactions and ensures a seamless experience for both brands and retailers. Overall, the Nabis CRM Tool is a powerful tool that can help brands optimize their sales processes and drive growth.