Powering Technology In Cannabis: Celebrating National Engineering Week 2023

This week marks an annual celebration of the engineering profession and aims to raise public awareness about the important role that engineers play in our daily lives. National Engineering Week also provides an opportunity for engineers to engage with their communities, share their experiences, and help inspire the next generation of movers and shakers within the field.

When our idea for Nabis was first born, we wanted to harness our professional engineering backgrounds to develop a functional, user-friendly wholesale platform that could help solve real-world problems in the California cannabis market. During our early days, our founders would make our state-wide deliveries during daylight hours and devote their evenings to coding beta versions of the Nabis software. While these formative years proved to be quite challenging, they could foresee that the physical manifestation of this type of technology and the positive reputation we were starting to build with operators would become the very building blocks of a distribution solution that would greatly benefit a robust ecosystem of partners.

“Without the intersection of robust technology and software in this industry, it is safe to assume that operating legally, safely, and efficiently at scale would be nearly impossible. The future landscape of our legal market will be exponentially larger than it is today, and leaning into technology that aims to make the businesses of operators more data-driven and efficient can prove to be a helpful, guiding force along this journey to realize the market’s full potential.” - Vincent C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Co-founders and Co-CEOs of Nabis

We’re proud to say that since our founding, our in-house engineering and product teams have expanded to include nearly two dozen incredibly talented individuals who have built and scaled our technology over the years. Thanks to their hard work and tenacity, they’ve established our software as a nationally-recognized cannabis wholesale solution that will continually evolve as we grow alongside our fellow operators.

Nabis Wholesale Cannabis Software Platform milestones

Our technical team here at Nabis is an exceptional group of individuals who have worked hard to develop the #1 wholesale platform here in California. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, but they are all united in their common goal of delivering a high-quality software solution for our partners. They collaborate effectively and communicate openly which allows them to identify problems and come up with innovative resolutions. Additionally, this team values our partners’ feedback and devises unique ways to continuously improve and adapt our platform.

Q- Why do you think technology in cannabis is important?

Q- Why did you become an engineer?

Q - What has been your favorite feature release we’ve launched so far?