Quarterly Product Update: Introducing the All-New Orders Tab

It's officially here—we’re pleased to announce a complete overhaul of our Orders tab, bringing our brand and sales rep users a whole new customizable and modular experience. We’ve simplified the view to make information much easier to read at a glance, while providing users additional controls to configure their view to their needs.

Fully Customizable Tables

Instead of showing all data at once, users are now given the ability to customize columns to their preferences. By default, we show all of the key information: the order number, title, delivery date, status, and order total. You can supplement these columns with more information, such as the seller, creator, payment terms, and more. To adjust, simply press the cog icon on the top-right of the table, and check which columns you’d like added. Your preferences are saved, so that the next time you visit the Orders tab, all of the information is presented in the way you want it.

All-new Orders Tab on Nabis Wholesale Platform

Callout Chips

Urgent actionable items are now presented in chips — these callouts help bring attention to orders that require urgent actions, such as requested payment terms or order disputes. By clicking on these chips, you can resolve actions immediately or be informed of additional context to communicate to your team.

All-new Orders Tab on Nabis Wholesale Platform


Some data can be too much data. We’re introducing popovers to show you additional context only when you want it. For example, pressing on the Total cell on an order presents you with a breakdown of the order total, amount collected, and amount remaining due. You can also now see how many invoices you’ve listed as a Must Pay (overdue) requirement for better visibility when managing your orders.

All-new Orders Tab on Nabis Wholesale Platform


We’ve moved filters into a drawer so that you always have easy access to them. Now, only the toggled filters are shown on the main page, so that you have better visibility on how your orders are filtered.

All-new Orders Tab on Nabis Wholesale Platform


Sales reps are always on the move, and we want to better support our users when all they have access to is a phone. On mobile, the new Orders tab shows a consolidated table where the same key data is presented in a single cell. If you need more information, you can tap to expand a sheet that houses all of the additional metadata, and take actions such as editing the order, downloading documentation, or updating credit memos, all in one place.

All-new Orders Tab on Nabis Wholesale Platform

We’re always listening to your feedback and are actively working towards providing the best user experience for our customers. Of course, we’ll be monitoring how our new Orders tab is used to iteratively improve upon this new release.