Regulatory Changes to Cannabis Cartridge and Vaporizer Packaging Starting July 1, 2024

As part of our commitment to keep you informed and to ensure compliance with the latest industry regulations, we want to bring to your attention significant upcoming changes concerning the packaging, labeling, advertisement, and disposal of cannabis cartridges and integrated vaporizers. If you sell disposable vapes, it is particularly critical you read this message to avoid business disruptions. 

New Requirements Starting July 1, 2024

Governor Newsom has signed into law AB 1894, which introduced important amendments to reduce environmental impact and enhance consumer safety regarding cannabis vape products. Here are the key points you need to be aware of:

  • All marketing and advertising materials must clearly state, "An empty integrated cannabis vaporizer shall be properly disposed of as hazardous waste at a household hazardous waste collection facility or other approved facility.”
  • Marketing and advertising materials must not label or imply that cannabis cartridges or vaporizers are disposable, nor suggest that they can be discarded in trash or recycling streams.
  • Package and Labeling Changes: The package and label of a cannabis cartridge and an integrated cannabis vaporizer shall not indicate that the cannabis cartridge or integrated cannabis vaporizer is disposable nor imply that it may be thrown in the trash or recycling streams.

Action Required:

Please review your current packaging and marketing strategies to ensure they comply with these new regulations by the specified date, especially if you are a brand that sells disposable vapes. It’s crucial to adjust your production and marketing timelines to meet these requirements to avoid any disruptions.

We understand that these changes may require adjustments in how you package and promote your products. To assist you, we are prepared to offer guidance and support throughout this transition. Please reach out to with any questions.

Please note that nothing in this communication should be construed as legal advice. Any questions about AB 1894 and its applicability to your business should be directed to your own legal representative.