So, SAFE Banking Didn't Pass—Here's How To Streamline Payments As A Dispensary

We're thrilled to announce an even easier way for California-based dispensaries to pay invoices electronically through our newly-launched BillPay Portal, which allows your team to make payments on invoices without logging into the Nabis Platform or even having a Nabis account.

In light of the SAFE Banking Act not passing during December, BillPay can be utilized as a tool to help streamline payment processes for deliveries.

How do I use BillPay?

To access BillPay, navigate to with your banking information and enter the invoice numbers and amounts you'd like to pay:

You can also use the Nabis Marketplace platform to access BillPay with all payable invoices for your location pre-populated for payments—sign up at or sign in here.

How can I demo BillPay to my team?

Please view this video tutorial for a demo and for additional guidance, please reach out to us at While we await next steps regarding the passage of SAFE Banking, Nabis BillPay is here to empower teams—you can enable both on-site and off-site team members to make ACH payments without adding them to your Organization.