SF Roots Is Social Equity In California Cannabis

Morris Kelly has always felt a deep connection to the plant ever since he was young. He says his curiosity for the industry dated back to his time spent growing up in San Francisco, where there was always a light, lingering aroma of cannabis in the air. Morris first began making edibles under Proposition 215 at 18 years old, however, a cycle of arrest and incarceration forced him to cease his operations and endure a period of time in prison. He had a difficult decision to make: allow this experience to be the very reason to turn away from the industry that burned him so badly or build and operate a legal business with a mission rooted in social equity on top of its smoky ashes. Morris chose the latter— he founded SF Roots, a premium cannabis brand, with an intention to provide quality cannabis to all while preserving the standards and culture on which the market was founded.

A Brand Rooted In Its Purpose

SF Roots' purpose is centered around cannabis, community, and compassion. Morris says it's important to get to know the real people and communities behind the products you choose to support and that SF Roots is not a faceless cannabis corporation. His team is made up of experienced, passionate, and dedicated individuals who all share a love for cannabis and the community. When asked what makes his company culture stand out, Morris proudly states that it's due to the team’s collective commitment to social equity and community involvement. “We believe that our success is intertwined with the success of those around us and we are always looking for ways to give back and support our community.”

How Quality Connections Lead To Quality Products

SF Roots has a strong customer base due to its dedication to providing quality cannabis to all, its focus on community and social equity, and its connection to the history and culture of San Francisco. This connection to the local community has helped to build a loyal following who appreciate the brand's values and high-quality products. Morris thinks his products stand out on dispensary shelves due to the quality and care that goes into every step of their process. From the cleanest ingredients and the attention to detail during cultivation and harvest, SF Roots products are a cut above the rest. 

When asked about his favorite product at the moment, Morris gravitates toward their pre-rolls. “They’re perfect for those on-the-go or for those who want a convenient smoking experience. They are packed with top-shelf flower, ensuring a quality smoking experience every time.” If you’re brand new to SF Roots, Morris also recommends trying the their flower. “It's a fan favorite and an absolute staple. The flavor and effects are unmatched, making it the perfect introduction to SF Roots and what we stand for.”

Looking Ahead—Curated, Collaborative Box Projects

As for upcoming innovations and projects he’s most excited for, Morris recently helped curate a box project in honor of Black History Month. The ‘Black In Business Box Project’ is still available on the Nabis Marketplace to purchase and comes to you via the collaboration of 5 legendary black-owned brands: Queen Mary, Dose of Saucy, Farmer Don, Landrace Origins, and SF Roots. This box is a celebration of each brand's unique sense of creativity, innovations, and passion for the plant.

Morris also has some guidance for the fellow budding cannabis entrepreneurs out there. The best piece of business advice he says he ever received was to stay true to his values and never compromise on quality. Morris believes that it's easy to get caught up in the business side of things, but at the end of the day, it's the quality of their product and the impact his brand has on the community that matters most.

About Morris Kelly

Morris Kelly is the founder and CEO of SF Roots/Hello San Francisco LLC, a California-based company, and a San Francisco equity advocate/ business owner. Over the past 12 years, Morris has had his hand in every part of the supply chain from cultivation to boutique manufacturing to distribution. In 2012, Morris founded Greencuredelivery, which he operated for 3 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Morris founded SF Roots, a boutique cultivation in 2013 to ensure he always had top-shelf flower for his delivery service. Successfully navigating the first two years of legalization, SF Roots is San Francisco’s first verified equity brand and is available state-wide.