Staying True To Your North Star: Lessons From Cosmic View

Cosmic View - a wellness brand devoutly focused on intentionally and ethically-produced formulations with herbs and small batch regenerative cannabis - was born from a personal need for plant medicine. After Co-founder Nicole Skibola was diagnosed with a rare form of reproductive cancer, her mom, Christine, used her notable academic background to formulate the first round of medicinal products using cannabis and olive oil from their family's olive trees. While Christine’s PhD and extensive scientific research provided the initial foundation of Cosmic View’s product line, the mother-daughter dynamic duo instinctively knew that the ethos of their brand would guide them toward something far grander. 

Cosmic View’s core mission is to remain steadfastly dedicated to patients first - crafting the highest quality medicine with regenerative cannabis from small legacy farms, handmade herbal infusions (growing many of the herbs themselves and sourcing herbs from within the regenerative community) and beautiful local, cold-pressed olive oil. 

Christine and Nicole Skibola

A (Cosmic) Point of View

Cosmic View maintains itself as a values-driven organization which means that profit isn’t their sole motivating force—Earth and community are just as important, no exceptions. “We’re just passionate about helping people. It's what my mom and I are both here to do on this planet.” Nicole adds.

Nicole shares a recent cherished memory surrounding the plant that happened during the Harvest Ball this past December. Cosmic View joined forces with several small, regenerative farms and a beloved dispensary partner, Humboldt Herb & Market, who donated their retail license for them all to sell direct-to-consumer. “It was a call to action.” Nicole recalls. “It was a love fest and a huge reminder of why we are all working against the odds to fight for access to plant medicine and to support craft cultivation and manufacturing.”

Cosmic View also holds a mission to prove to the world that a values-driven organization can be successful while operating in a traditional business sense. Sure-it may present a longer game, but Nicole believes that operating under this ethos is a form of resistance in a hyper-capitalist society and industry. 

When asked about what cannabis means to her, Nicole shares that there are multiple levels of her expansive gratitude for the plant. “It enriches my life in so many ways-bringing joy, balance, and connection to the present moment.” She also states how through the process of creating her brand, she sees it as a source for activism around protecting craft, sungrown flower and promoting regenerative farming practices.

Plant-Powered Products That Actually Work

Cosmic View certainly maintains a different standard for its wellness line so if you’re brand new to the brand, here’s a quick round-up of what you can expect: 

  • Science-based product formulation, research, and product development
  • The highest quality ingredients around, cultivated from local, legacy regenerative farmers
  • Beautiful and eye-catching packaging that centers around the unique Cosmic View story

How best to use a Cosmic View product? According to Nicole, it truly depends on your intention. “Our products help alleviate discomfort stemming from a variety of sources—everything from menstrual pain to arthritis and depression.” For those who are exploring cannabis for the first time and looking to alleviate muscle tenderness, Nicole would point you in the direction of Cosmic View’s award-winning Deep Down athletic balm. The product was awarded First Place at the Emerald Cup a few years back and she shares how amazing it is when people realize they can find pain relief without getting high—especially if they’ve traditionally been afraid of trying cannabis. 

When discussing Cosmic View’s avid fan base, Nicole would describe them as incredibly passionate. She’s seen customers of all ages purchase her products and finds that her buyer persona is one that seeks to find holistic products that work, first and foremost. When asked about who her ideal customer is, Nicole shares, “I am finding that we are connecting with more Gen Zers because we are always operating as authentically as possible. They really connect to why we’re here and what our purpose is—we’re not trying to glom onto fads in order to make a quick buck.”

As for her favorite product in the line at the moment, Nicole mentions that their Lovely Day Tincture has definitely been her go-to lately. “It contains a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD along with a mood-supporting blend of superfoods—plus, it's based in the most beautiful olive oil.” Nicole is also a big fan of their Lollies, a product category that’s going to be expanding soon—the newest addition will be an Earl Gray SKU with 10 mg of Heirloom Pineapple flower rosin from recently Sun + Earth certified North Country Farm in Trinity County. “I call it my party Lollie…and it’s a very good time.” she grins.

A Look At What’s To Come

When asked about the current state of the California cannabis market, Nicole shares how she’s learned to lean onto her community of craft farmers and aligned retailers to be an incredible support system for one another. She also affirms that Cosmic View has also been in the market for long enough now to know that they shouldn’t waver from their devotion to operating with the utmost integrity. “Our loyal customer base has been really amazing and helped us to continue to grow despite the downturn of the market.”

Continued product innovation and flavor additions are both certainly on the horizon for Cosmic View, as Nicole shares that her and her mom regularly comb through scientific literature so that they can more deeply understand the ways in which cannabis is helping people.

As for a dream collaboration? Nicole gushes, “I mean if we're talking big dreams here, working with Paul Stamets would be pretty rad.”

About Nicole Skibola

Nicole Skibola is a cancer survivor and creative living in West Marin, California. Her passion for holistic health deepened after surviving a rare endometrial cancer at a young age. Nicole has been interested in cannabis products, particularly CBD extractions for her ongoing physical health, notably for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Nicole brings business savvy and a love for beautiful packaging and modern aesthetic to Cosmic View. She is interested in gardening, all aspects of plants and the role of personal storytelling in making sense of life's unexpected turns. She has worked with the USC Norris Cancer Center and is the author of Wakeful Night - a guided meditation on finding one's path in the wake of a cancer diagnosis, published by Dottor Press in 2018.