First-Time Wholesale Cannabis Buyer? Here's The Secret To Getting The Best In Brands, Deals, And Beyond

The cannabis market in California is a thriving and dynamic marketplace, with a vast number of unique brands and product offerings to select from. Being a retailer, time holds immense value as the purchasing process can consume a considerable amount of it. That's where Nabis Marketplace comes in - it'a a robust e-commerce platform that amplifies retailer purchasing experiences, streamlines internal buying processes, and bridges the gap between buyers and brands to help create dialogue. Here are a few key ways that Marketplace supports the purchasing side of the supply chain.

Organic Discoverability

Nabis Marketplace has an extensive collection of over 8,000 unique SKUs from a multitude of brands. This vast product range allows retailers and delivery services to find and purchase the products they need, all in one place, saving them time and effort.

It's also incredibly easy to discover new brands on our platform as a first-time wholesale cannabis buyer. Each month, the featured product carousels on the Marketplace homepage are curated according to relevant holidays, National Awareness Months, and trending categories that display a variety of products from our large selection of brands. This is a great way to discover our brands—whether they have niche products, are brand new, or fit into a number of social classifications. Here are our upcoming programs you'll be able to shop from:

Upcoming Nabis Marketplace programs

Digital Showroom

Marketplace offers a compelling digital showroom that showcases a selection of products spanning a variety of categories. Brands can display their product assortment in a visually engaging and user-friendly manner, which enhances a buyer's shopping experience. 

I Heart Jane reviews are also automatically integrated into Marketplace product listings, so retail customers can see top-reviewed products on any brand's Marketplace page they're available for.

Streamlined Buying Process

Marketplace centralizes your inbound orders, previous shipments, billing, COAs, and manifests all in one place. No more digging for past invoices or reaching out to sales reps to provide you with details about a recent transaction—you can view all of this through Marketplace, saving you hours in administrative work per week.

Start Shopping Today

Nabis Marketplace is free to sign up for and you can start shopping from our portfolio of 300+ brands in minutes—start streamlining your retail operations today.