Victory for the Industry: California's AB 1207 Vetoed by Gov. Newsom

In a significant win for California's cannabis industry, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed AB 1207 (Irwin) over the weekend saving legal cannabis operators from severe restrictions on how they package, label, and market their products. The move came in response to an intense outcry from the cannabis community, including Nabis, CCIA, Supernova Women, and Origins Council, amongst others. If signed by Governor Newsom, this bill would have had a major impact on licensed operators with broad prohibitions on the use of humans, animals, vegetables, and fruits.

While this victory is significant, it is crucial for the cannabis community to remain vigilant and engaged in the legislative process to ensure that the industry continues to grow and serve the needs of both patients and adult-use consumers responsibly. The cannabis industry in California continues to evolve, and its success depends on sensible regulations that promote safety and responsibility while allowing businesses to thrive and consumers to make informed choices.