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Image credit: Solis

Solis products were born on the Long Canyon Farm in Santa Barbara County. The microclimate of “refrigerated sunshine” is sought after by all types of cultivators, especially in cannabis, as the 'Goldilocks climate' produces premium product. The Solis team is able to use these perfect growing conditions to give the utmost attention towards the cannabis traits its consumers desire like flavor, aroma, and unique strain selection with high cannabinoid production.

In 3 words, describe your organization.

Quality Sun-grown

What has been your biggest challenge and how your team has overcome it?

Our vision for Solis was to create an approachable sun-grown flower brand that challenges the current perception of what to expect from sun-grown flower in terms of potency and quality. We overcame this challenge by delivering a consistent flower at approachable prices.

What are some upcoming innovations/projects you are most excited for?

Pre-rolls will be coming soon :)

Any future predictions/trends you foresee in your product category?

Higher quality/potent sun-grown flower and approachable prices.