Over 300 brands,
and counting.

Distributing over 300 brands across California, our #1 brand portfolio is comprised of the most diverse and largest assortment of products.

High Desert Pure

High Fidelity

Holistic Industries

Honey Butter Rosin Co.

House of Congo

House of Saka

Huckleberry Hill Farms

Humboldt Farms

Humboldt Origins

Ice Box Flat Farms

Incognito Beverages

Infused Creations

Jelly Wizard

KGB Reserve

Kinda High

Lbs. Distribution

Legion of Bloom

Life Cannabis

Lime Cannabis Co.

Liquid Flower

Malibu Farms

Manzanita Naturals

Mari's Mints

Mendocino Family Farm

Mendocino Grasslands

Miss Grass

Moon Made Farms

My Best Bud

New Normal

Next Level Edibles

Oakland Equity Collective

Oakland Extracts

Pabst Labs

Papa's Herb

Paper Planes

Paradise Club

Paradiso Gardens

Perfect Blends

Pilgrim Soul

Radicle Herbs

Raw Garden

Real Deal Resin

Revive Pure Life

Royal Blunts

Royal Key Organics

SCVA (Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance)


Sanctuary Farms

Seaweed Naturals

Seven Leaves

Shaman Extracts

Silver Dragon Cannabis

Sitka Hash House