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Sean Ellis coined the term “growth hacking” after using it to ignite breakout growth for Dropbox, LogMeIn, Eventbrite & lookout. He is the Co-Author of Hacking Growth.

In this episode, Sean Ellis interviews Nabis Founder and CEO Vincent Ning to understand what is driving their breakout growth. Vincent tells the story of how they went from a couple of guys driving a van to a 120 person company moving over $100M in wholesale cannabis products.

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Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA)

2020 Distribution Management Conference

May, 2020

Founded in 1876 and for the first time in its history, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) has invited operators from the cannabis industry to speak at the HDA's Annual Distribution Management Conference. Learn from Vince Ning (CEO) and Tom McBrearty (Head of Compliance) as they speak about the newly legalizing cannabis industry and how it affects operators in the traditional healthcare industry.

Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA)

CDA Welcomes New Members to 2020 Board of Directors

May, 2020

The Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA) and its members, who collectively supply a significant portion of the California cannabis market, announced and welcomed three newly elected members to the organization's 2020 Board of Directors: Vince Ning (Nabis), Jennifer Gallerani (Blackbird), and Mike Beaudry (HERBL).

Cannabis Legalization News

Cannabis Distributors in California

April, 2020

In California, all cannabis products must be bought through a distributor. Distributors are responsible for making sure cannabis products are compliant in terms of testing, labeling, and packaging. Today we’re joined by Vince Ning from NABIS to discuss California’s unique cannabis regulation model.

Canopy Rivers

250+ Companies Powering The Cannabis Software Industry

April, 2020

Following decades of prohibition and patchwork regulations, many established software solutions have not yet been applied to the cannabis sector. This has paved the way for specialized cannabis start-ups which are becoming the “picks-and-shovels”, or underlying technology, for the sector.


Pot shops are considered ‘essential’ businesses in most states where it’s legal, but the rules are shifting

April, 2020

When California became the first state to issue a shelter-in-place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it set another standard by declaring cannabis an “essential business.”


Nabis Announces Strategic Partnership with Cookies to Distribute Products Within California

April, 2020

Nabis, one of California's largest licensed Cannabis Distributors, announced that the company has entered into a definitive agreement with global cannabis culture leader, Cookies, to provide distribution for their cannabis products in California.

Confident Cannabis Podcast

Empowering the World With Cannabis

March, 2020

Nabis discusses how cannabis producers and distributors find each other, and choose to do business together.


Cannabis Distribution: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Headed?

October, 2019

Many recognize California’s emergence as the largest, most vibrant cannabis market in the world, with spectacular growth and constant innovation in new brands and products.


Nabis Advances Through Shifting Legislation With Experienced Legal Guidance

August, 2019

Nabis is a leading distributor of cannabis products servicing hundreds of licensed businesses in California. The unique legal challenges in scaling a business like Nabis are essentially woven into every operational component of their business model.

Green Entrepreneur

Nabis named to Entrepreneur's Top 100 Cannabis Companies List

August, 2019

Nabis has been selected for the first-annual Entrepreneur 'Green 100' List, which salutes cannabis companies making the greatest impact in the industry.

Daily Marijuana Observer

Nabis to Supply California Dispensaries with Halo Labs Branded Products

August, 2019

Halo Labs Inc. announces a major distribution agreement with one of California's largest full-service Cannabis product distributors, Nabis, to supply California dispensaries with Halo's full assortment of branded products.

Marijuana Business Daily

Capital for access: The developing two-way marijuana road between California and Canada

August, 2019

It's no secret that the number of business relationships between American and Canadian cannabis interests has skyrocketed since federal legalization went into effect north of the U.S. border. From a high-level perspective it's a simple trade:


Infographics: Cannabis Purchasing Habits Via Delivery And In Dispensaries

August, 2019

With conversations surrounding the legality of cannabis delivery services ramping up in California, cannabis distribution company Nabis has pulled unique data to examine the purchasing behavior of delivery services and storefront dispensaries since October 2018.

National Cannabis Industry Association

More Sophisticated Supply Chains

May, 2019

We talk about how the cannabis industry’s structure is maturing. We started off seeing vertical industries where companies were required to grow, process, and sell their own cannabis, but now we’re seeing more sophisticated supply chains which include distributors, like Nabis.


International Cannabrands Announces Distribution Deal with Nabis

May, 2019

International Cannabrands Inc. (CSE: JUJU) is pleased to announce that the Company's largest operating company has signed a major distribution arrangement with Nabis.

Business Insider

Nabis Announces Exclusive Distribution Partnership with Genius and Sonder

May, 2019

Nabis announced two new brand partners—Genius Brand and Sonder—with a definitive agreement to provide exclusive distribution and limited sales.


Hall Of Flowers: Acquisitions And Celebrity Cannabis Debuts

May, 2019

Design-forward cannabis brand Genius launched a collection of flower, pre-rolls and concentrates and will enter into retail outlets through Nabis’ distribution services.

Yahoo Finance

Nabis Announces Strategic Partnership With THC Design For Exclusive Distribution Rights Within California

April, 2019

Nabis announced that the company has entered into a definitive agreement with THC Design to provide exclusive distribution for their cannabis products in California.

New Cannabis Ventures

California Cannabis Distributor Nabis Raises Additional $4 Million

March, 2019

Nabis, one of California’s largest Cannabis Distributors, announced they’ve raised $4 million during their second round of financing which officially closed in March 2019.

Green Rush Daily

California Cannabis Distributor Nabis Raises Over $5.25 Million

March, 2019

Nabis plans to use the capital toward a number of strategic objectives. First, Nabis wants to scale up its California distribution operation, especially in southern California.

Tech Crunch

Our 9 favorite startups from Y Combinator W19 Demo Day

March, 2019

Quirky regulation creates efficiency gaps in the marijuana business where incumbents can’t participate since they’re not allowed to handle the flower.

Tech Crunch

All 88 companies from Y Combinator’s W19 Demo Day 2

March, 2019

Nabis is tackling the cannabis shipping and logistics business, working with suppliers to ship out goods to retailers reliably.

Cannabiz Social

Profiles by Cannabiz Social Podcast - Vincent Ning

March, 2019

Today, Nabis is one of the largest cannabis distribution services within the state of California and has plans for expansion in the future.

The Wall Street Journal

Cannabis Startups With Y Combinator Backing Go From Seed to Weed

March, 2019

The accelerator becomes Silicon Valley’s first major venture firm to back ‘plant-touching’ companies.

Y Combinator Blog

Meet 5 Companies from the YC W19 Batch Part 6

March, 2019

They’ve built one of the first logistics software platforms in the industry to help scale 40 of the largest brands in California and ship their products to 90% of retailers.

High Times

The Real Problem in Cannabis: Cash Flow

March, 2019

Operators are adapting to the latest compliance rules, but there’s still a major problem with actually staying afloat as a cannabis business in 2019: cash flow.

Investing in Cannabis Podcast

Bringing Technology to Cannabis Distribution

February, 2019

Vince and his team built a low-cost, tech-based solution for cannabis brands. In less than 2 years, they’ve built a network to cover the entire state and have dozens of top level brands.

AACE Interview

Vincent Ning of Nabis

February, 2019

Vincent Ning and Jun S Lee, the founders of Nabis, have created an online portal to facilitate and to streamline  cannabis distribution in California.

Blunt Business

Navigating The Waters Of Investment And VC Funding

November, 2018

Blunt Business speaks about how Nabis has been navigating the waters of investment and VC funding to get the company to where it is today.

New Cannabis Ventures

Nabis is Helping Leading California Cannabis Brands Scale

November, 2018

Ning speaks with New Cannabis Ventures about his company’s tech-enabled business model, the upcoming Series A and expectations for growth.

Midas Letter Live

Macroeconomic analysis and US Cannabis comparison

October, 2018

Midas Letter RAW highlights the stocks and stories to watch in the Canadian markets today.

Y-Combinator Blog

Cannabis Startup Founders on Legalization and Industry Trends

October, 2018

Vincent Ning is CEO and cofounder of Nabis. Nabis is a cannabis services group. They offer distribution, logistics, sales, and marketing.

New Cannabis Ventures

California Cannabis Distributor Nabis Raises $1.25 Million

October, 2018

Nabis, Cannabis Distributor, Raises Seed Round from Silicon Valley’s Elite Investors to Scale the Cannabis Supply Chain.

Stanford University

California Cannabis Distributor Nabis Raises $1.25 Million

October, 2018

Vincent Ning speaks about the challenges of operating in the regulated cannabis market in California with a panel of industry experts.

Forbes | Under 30

This Highly Regulated Industry Did Not Stop These Founders

September, 2018

Vincent Ning, 25, and Jun S. Lee, 25, observed an unmet need in this newly legalized and booming industry and founded Nabis to address the issue.

Yahoo Finance

Nabis Raises Seed Round from Silicon Valley's Elite Investors

September, 2018

Nabis, one of California's largest Type 11 Cannabis Distributors, raised a $1.25M seed round from Silicon Valley's elite investors.


Nabis raises Seed Round to Scale the Cannabis Supply Chain

October, 2018

Nabis provides cannabis brands and cultivators with a full suite of distribution services around logistics, sales, and software.