Brand PARTNER Highlight
Dolo Rolling Co.
Image Credit: Dolo Rolling Co.

Dolo Rolling Co. is a cannabis lifestyle brand that celebrates the positive cultural and life-enriching aspects of the cannabis plant. Based in Oakland and emerging from the social equity program, Dolo Rolling Co. is building a community of cannabis lovers and creatives based on equity, inclusivity, diversity, and hyper-local community building.

In 3 words, describe your organization.

Equity, Legacy, Creative

What has been your biggest challenge and how your team has overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been finding the right retail partners and being able to support them. Now that we have distribution with Nabis, we are better able to serve the SoCal market. We just need to get the word out.

What are some upcoming innovations/projects you are most excited for?

Dolo is about supporting the creative and positive effects that the cannabis plant has had on art and music. We made the commitment to support legacy and equity cultivators—our first collaboration is with Moon Made Farms. We are also gearing up for our next Edition.

Any future predictions/trends you foresee in your product category?

We want to create products for people to enjoy when they are out enjoying life and experiences. We are having conversations with other brands, so keep a look out for edible and beverage collabs later this year.