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The Sweetleaf Collective
Image credit: The Sweetleaf Collective

The Sweetleaf Collective began in 1996 in San Francisco, California, the birthplace of medical marijuana and the cannabis compassion movement. In the beginning, Sweetleaf provided access to cannabis for 5 AIDS patients. Now, they provide access to free medical cannabis for more than 150 low-income terminally ill patients, support a variety of special programs, and actively advocate for healthy equity in the state of California.

In 3 words, describe your organization.

Free Medical Cannabis

What has been your biggest challenge and how your team has overcome it?

Funding has been the biggest difficulty facing the cannabis nonprofit sector. We have overcome this challenge by fundraising with branded lighters and rolling papers. Nabis has donated their distribution services free-of-charge to help us get these products out statewide. We would not be where we are today without the incredibly generous support of Nabis.

What are some upcoming innovations/projects you are most excited for?

We are seeing a huge increase in the number of donations of medical cannabis. The Sweetleaf Patient and Veteran Network has been able to access over 1000 pounds this year alone.

Any future predictions/trends you foresee in your product category?

We see the cannabis nonprofit sector growing and creating more access every year. We believe that within 5 years, cannabis nonprofits will be helping veterans and patients across the country access $100 million of free medical cannabis annually.