March 8, 2022

Nabis Marketplace Simplifies Transactions Between Thousands of Retailers And Brands In America’s Largest Cannabis Market

Leading Licensed Cannabis Wholesale Platform Democratizes California’s Industry with Largest Exclusive Top-Tier Product Selection

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nabis, the leading licensed cannabis wholesale platform, is scaling its marketplace that lists over 4,000 actively selling products, and facilitates transactions for thousands of retailers and exclusive brands today, with a two-day shipping turnaround time. For Nabis, an equitable, democratized approach to wholesale ordering is a critical component to supporting a diverse cannabis industry by providing choice, access, and innovation.

“The Nabis Marketplace platform has redefined the way California cannabis brands and retailers do business,” said Vince C. Ning, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Nabis. “We no longer view ourselves as just a licensed distributor. Rather, we are an end-to-end wholesale platform that addresses the fundamental problems of cannabis wholesaling, which boil down to transactional complexity and risk."

As an agnostic wholesale platform, a variety of businesses from boutique to large companies alike have the opportunity for equal digital shelf space. Brands are not favored based on sales volume or other criteria, which gives retailers the ability to make purchasing decisions based on their own preferences. For instance, they can support equity in the industry by using filters to sort for women- or BIPOC-owned companies.

To further streamline the ordering process, Nabis Marketplace is launching a new ACH payment integration this month for retailers, and continues to facilitate communications between brands and retailers—quickly becoming a go-to resource for cannabis companies of all sizes to build direct relationships. With everything centralized in one place online, the Nabis Marketplace simplifies product discovery, purchasing, and shipping between retailers and brands so they can easily scale and flex to meet market demands.

“As a retailer, Nabis Marketplace has allowed us to make our buying process faster and much more efficient in terms of inventory turn and purchasing volume,” said Michelle Mendoza, Director of Buying for the Sweet Flower dispensary network. “Additionally, for on-the-rise smaller brands, it is an avenue to market that did not previously exist.”

Nabis supports partners with end-to-end services that include live wholesale inventory updates, sophisticated data analytics, lower minimum delivery fees, exclusive promotions, and customized delivery scheduling with two-day delivery guaranteed at over 95% delivery on-time-in-full rate. Companies across California have taken note of Nabis’ offerings, resulting in recent notable partnerships with LBS Distribution, Mendocino Grasslands, Headwaters, Cali Select, Dodi, Pamos, Emerald Sun, Bad Hombre and Congo Club.

In the last 14 months alone, Nabis has more than doubled its platform’s transaction volumes. This milestone comes as a result of the steadfast reinforcement of the broader industry and operators that have partnered with Nabis to help shape its best-in-class technology products and first-party licensed fulfillment services.

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About Nabis

Nabis is the #1 licensed cannabis wholesaling platform in California, supporting over 150 exclusive brands and supplying the entire network of state-licensed dispensaries with top-tier products. Nabis offers clients lightning-fast fulfillment, warehousing, payment processing, financing, data analytics, sales and marketing services to enable more brands and retailers to innovate, launch and scale. Founded in 2018 by serial tech entrepreneurs Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis is fueled by cutting-edge technology designed to support cannabis wholesaling between brands and retailers. Nabis works directly with its partners to streamline the regulated cannabis wholesaling process by leveraging actionable, industry-leading sales data and insights to help brands and retailers scale strategically. Learn more:

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