August 24, 2021

Nabis More Than Doubles Southern California Distribution Capacity To Meet Growing Demand

OAKLAND, Calif., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Nabis, California's leading licensed cannabis wholesale marketplace, today announced a 150% increase in its Southern California distribution capabilities to meet the industry's surging demand for compliant, rapid wholesale delivery service. In addition to adding a 25,000 square foot, climate-controlled storage space, Nabis is the first major distributor to introduce semi-trailer trucks to its industry-leading delivery fleet. Nabis most recently added The Parent Company, Kurvana and Golden State Banana to its portfolio, and these infrastructural advancements are paramount to continuing Nabis' strategy of launching three new brands each week.

The high-capacity buildout ensures zero disruptions to the thousands of Nabis orders fulfilled weekly across California, allowing Nabis to maintain its 36-hour turnaround time across the state.

"As California's cannabis industry continues to expand alongside our partners, we're urgently procuring additional space, equipment and vehicles," said Jun S. Lee, President of Nabis. "Reliability, accuracy and speed are important pillars to Nabis' service offerings, and these strategic investments in infrastructure allow us to continue scaling without interruptions to our service levels."

Nabis has the option to grow the new 25,000 square-foot distribution facility in Commerce, CA, up to 80,000 square feet incrementally. In anticipation of launching another central warehouse location in 2022, Nabis will transition into a centralized hub-and-spoke model, strengthening inventory accuracy and distribution efficiency.

About Nabis
Nabis is the premier licensed cannabis wholesaling platform supporting over 100 brands and supplying the entire network of California dispensaries with top-tier products. Nabis offers clients lightning-fast fulfillment, warehousing, payment processing, financing, data analytics, and sales and marketing services to enable more brands and retailers to innovate, launch and scale. Founded in 2017 by software engineers Vince C. Ning and Jun S. Lee, Nabis is fueled by cutting-edge technology designed to support cannabis wholesaling between brands and retailers. Nabis works directly with its partners to streamline the regulated cannabis wholesaling process by leveraging actionable, industry-leading sales data and insights to help brands and retailers scale strategically. Learn more:

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